We are a rapidly developing website

Our website which has developed considerably since over few years and which now finds itself on the threshold of a future full of unique opportunities!

Thanks to development of our project and website, we been able to engage in many different business areas such as telephony, Internet design, domain registration, the travel agency business, IT security.

We are now in a unique situation where we have a great opportunity to develop business areas in the future, utilising our extensive sales and marketing experience. Furthermore, we wish to establish strong brands within communications and IT.

Vision for the future

Our vision is to create dynamic businesses where the focus is on sales and marketing, which we will be able to develop into market leaders in Scandinavia.
Furthermore, we want to utilise our extensive network of contacts to the US business community and exploit the know-how and the opportunities for collaboration provided by this network to gain a competitive edge or an advantage in relation to forming new partnerships.

Our current focus

We decided to shift our focus from the IT security area to the SSL certificates and Trustee Services.

IT security
Special program we using for virus protection has become one of the leading businesses on the Scandinavian market within virus and spam control, vulnerability analyses, security alarms and early warnings concerning viruses/worms.